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Assukkar is a Costa Rican family owned company specialized in the production of top quality natural and organic sugar cane products.

The story of our company goes back a century and a half, weaving together agriculture and nation-building. It begins with don Gaspar Ortuño, who arrived in from Spain in 1850. In 1877 don Gaspar founded the Banco de Costa Rica, and threw himself wholeheartedly into the coffee industry-the driving force behind Costa Rica’s democracy and economic growth.

The Ortuño Family continued the business and coffee tradition, next under the direction of don Gaspar’s son Manuel. In 1963 the family moved the operations from San José to the Turrialba area, on the Caribbean side of the Country, adding sugar cane and macadamia cultivation and once again contributing significantly to local development. New lands came with a small sugar mill that had operated decades before. The Mill was brushed and initiated the production of “ panela in blocks” as the main product at the time. As years went by, the family decided to move to new products and whole cane sugar came to production. In 1986 one of the family members while passing through New York City, visited a natural product store and discovered the benefits of organic products. The idea of organic production was brought back and Tayutic Costa Rica organic whole sugar came to birth.

Through hard working, intense innovation and creativity, we've conquered clients around the world exporting to more than 15 countries. We develop long and trusting relationships with our clients since we truly believe this is the best way to do business. Our clients are highly satisfied and this is our main goal.

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